Varicose vein condition should be taken seriously as sometimes, it leads to medical emergencies pertaining to circulatory concerns. Well, there are no definite ways to prevent this particular condition from occurring, there are ways to reduce the formation of varicose veins.


Let’s discuss the 5 best natural ways to help reduce varicose veins from occurring.

1) Start exercising

If you aren’t already performing even moderate levels of activities then it’s time to move your body a bit. Exercising that includes walking, jogging and swimming can totally help in reducing the formation and visibility of varicose veins. Such physical activities help in strengthening the walls of blood vessels, thereby reducing, or sometimes even preventing the development of varicose veins.

Exercising will help stop the blood to accumulate and instead help the blood to flow. So, go out and get some moves in your body to see a positive reduction of varicose veins.

2) Don’t sit for too long

Unfortunately we live in times where we are so used to following a sedentary lifestyle that includes sitting for long hours without any hand or leg movements. Even long hour flights play a pivotal role in increasing our number of sitting hours. It is not advisable to sit for such long hours due to many reasons; and, one of the reasons being formation of varicose veins.

In order to reduce and at some level prevent the formation of varicose veins, it is essential to avoid prolonged sitting. There are many harmful things that flying does to your body, and so, when you are have long flight then make sure that you wear elastic socks while flying.

3) Take care of your weight

Obesity is also one of the most important reasons for formation of varicose veins. Excessive weight invariably puts a lot of pressure on the legs resulting into varicose veins. Learn to take very good of your Body Mass Index and literal weight as a balanced weight will eliminate unneeded heavy pressure on the legs that actually causes varicose veins to become more visible.

Healthy diet and regular exercise program should help you immensely in maintaining a proper body weight.

4) Eat right

What you eat is of much significance in reducing and healing varicose veins. In order to maintain a healthy weight, it is imperative to restrict the consumption of excessive calories in your diet. So avoid eating foods that are incredibly rich in calories. Also, your food should have plenty of Vitamin C as it helps to keep the veins strong, and it also helps in increasing circulation of blood. In addition to Vitamin C, make sure that the foods are also rich in fiber.

5) Eat natural supplements

Eating natural supplements often helps in reinforcing the leg veins in a natural way. There are some few herbs and extracts of fruits that have proven benefits on reducing the formation of varicose veins and treating them. Just make sure to ask your doctor before gulping them.

Lastly, keep away from heavy intake of alcohol, coffee and milk tea.

Take care!

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